Artwork by Rhiannon PINEAU.

Falling Forbidden Fruit of the Uprooted Family Tree, After Millenia of Dicktatorship

75x60cm mixed medium

There is a theory that the biblical tree, forbidden to Adam and Eve, was not only that of the Tree of Knowledge, but also a representation the Family Tree. The forbidden fruit of incest and the ripe temptation that makes men sin.

For a long as the ‘Civilized World’ has existed the patriarchy has controlled the moral compass of the family and society. Holding the puppet strings of the family tree, tradition and law. Blood binds these strings. A patriarchal dicktatorship, for thousands of years, unsatisfied men have been rewriting and translation the moral code to fit their agenda.

The forbidden fruit are leaving this system, uprooting the family tree. Falling, floating, they reach out to be heard. Silently screaming for change, if you listen you will learn.
2022 Brisbane, Australia -as part of BRISSC "Uproar" at Bib 'n' Brace Collective Gallery.

Sept 2-25th 2022 Max Galleria - Creative Country

Recollections of NEO-UTOPIA
Yamarna, Pacific Portal and Vioritta
The year is 2022.
In this dystopian present, we have the opportunity to upgrade and reboot society. To do things differently.

When Sir Thomas Moore wrote Utopia in 1516 with the restricted knowledge of the time, Moore was obliged to place his ‘Utopia’ in geographical isolation, to avoid the destruction caused by men. Their greed and their wars. Even when he uses fiction to criticize sociality, his imagination was restricted by millennia of patriarchal rule. Where all of history, including our so-called collective knowledge, has been completely one sided. Unable to even acknowledge the value of the female mind.

For Neo-Utopia to exist, its geographical isolation would need to be that of a parallel universe.
A Universe untainted by war, history and patriarchal domination. Beyond our basic understanding of physics and of philosophy.

As I travel through Neo-Utopia via portals, I endeavour to document my fragmented memories of this mysterious place.
Bungonna and Tyon
An entity that inhabits Neo Utopia. Lifeforms that are beyond our comprehension. There are many combinations of animal, plant and with elements that we are yet to know the existence of. Neo Utopians have an evolved intelligence, they communicate through energy/telepathy and live in harmony and peace.
Rhiannon Pineau uses ritual instinct when creating incantation artworks. The process of connecting to the spirit world/the dreaming and the Wyd through the artist’s vibrations casting energy and intention directly into the canvas. A visible magic, she sings her paintings to life.
L’Orage Tranquille
L’Orage Tranquille is a visual interoperation of an unnameable feeling. A place of contrast and connection to the ocean where natures power overwhelms you. A familiar blend of peace, serenity, hope and brooding. The air is ecstatic with prospect of change.
The Birth of the New Earth
The rainbow serpent emerges from the earth and sky. The New Earth is alive. It is singing itself and all to life. Om…

Mycelium No10
The interconnectedness of nature, itself, is made possible with mycelium. The brains and nervous system of Gaya (mother nature) communicate through this complex Wyd (web) connected to every living creature.
Sometimes we become detached and float away, drifting through space and time.